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April 2017: Entering The Southern Hemisphere

April 2017: Entering the southern hemisphere

With April 2017 done time is starting to fly. “Only” 8 more months and 4 more countries left until I’m done. In April I started with a broken van in south Colombia, crossed the equator inĀ Ecuador and ended up at the coast in Peru.

The Good

  • The mountains had some beautiful hikes
  • Relaxing on the warm beaches
  • No major van problems (after the alternator was fixed)

The Bad

  • The mountains still had a lot a lot of rain.
  • Altitude headaches are a pain

The Unforgettable

  • Hiking at almost 4000m (Otavalo, Quilotoa and Cajas)
  • Wobbly ladders and bridges to get to the top of a church (Quito)

The Stats

  • No days: 30 (436 total)
  • No. km: 2691 (48750 total)
  • Countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
  • No. Border crossings: 2
  • No. of places stayed at: 18 (18 campsites)
  • Hikes: 63 km height difference 3287 m
  • Books: 4
  • Movies: 4
  • New Beers: 3
  • Photos: 681
  • Weather:
    • Days: warmest 33 coldest 12, average 22
    • Nights: warmest 25, coldest 6, average 16

Rainy evenings resulted in me watching a lot of movies and reading loads of books. I had quite a bit of relax days on the beach so April has the least amount of pictures taken so far. This month was the first time I drove higher than 4000m and even slept at 3900m, because of that I had some pretty cold days and nights.

Daily costs for April

  • Camp sites: 5 Euro per night (plan was 7)
  • Food: 6 Euro per day (plan was 7)
  • Fun: 1 Euro per day (plan was 4)

Total: 12 Euro per day (plan was 18)
Ecuador was a bit more expensive than Colombia but Peru is a whole lot cheaper again. Overall they were all cheaper than planned.

Overall driving (13 months):

  • Distance: 48750 (plan was 48937)
  • Fuel costs: 62 cents/l (plan was 62 cents/l)
  • Efficiency: 11.2 km/l (plan was 11 km/l)

For the first time in a long time I managed to stay below my planned kilometers.

Other costs:

Nothing special

New to the monthly summaries: last month’s route and the elevation profile.



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