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August 2017: Everything Falls Apart.

August 2017: Everything falls apart.

August was a month that did not go as planned at all. I flew back to Bolivia from the Netherlands and planned to make it to Chile with only a few stops. Instead my engine died and I ended up being stuck in Uyuni for a large part of the month.

The Good

  •  Sucre was a pretty town and perfect to relax for a bit

The Bad

  • My engine exploding on the middle of the Salar the Uyuni, 50km from any road was no good
  • My fifth gear had also decided to give up a few days earlier.

The Unforgettable

  • Exploring the silver mines with an local silver miner as a guide (Potosi)
  • Three nights on the salt flats without seeing anyone and with the most amazing stars (Uyuni)

The Stats

  • No days: 31 (559 total)
  • No. km: 1204 (55862 total)
  • Countries: the Netherlands, Spain, Bolivia
  • No. Border crossings: 0 by van
  • No. of places stayed at: 12 (2 at friends, 8 campsites, 1 airplane, 1 hostel)
  • Hikes: 11km, 149m height gain
  • Books: 3
  • Movies: 3
  • New Beers: 7
  • Photos: 895
  • Weather (in Bolivia):
    • Days: warmest 31, coldest 12, average 20
    • Nights: warmest 24, coldest -13, average 3

Spending the firs part of the month in the Netherlands and the last part at mechanic meant I didn’t do much of anything. Very few hikes, books, photos and driving. I did end up having my coldest night so far with -13 degrees (-25 with wind chill).

Daily costs for August

  • Camp sites: 6 Euro per night (plan was 7)
  • Food: 6 Euro per day (plan was 7)
  • Fun: 3 Euro per day (plan was 4)

Total: 15 Euro per day (plan was 18)

Bush camping on the Salar saved some money and overall food wasn’t too expensive in Bolivia.

Overall driving (17 months):

  • Distance: 55862 km (plan was 56313 km)
  • Fuel costs: 67 cents/l (plan was 67 cents/l)
  • Efficiency:  11.2 km/l (plan was  11.0 km/l)

Another month with less kilometers than planned, but more because by van was broken than that I actively tried to drive less.

Extra costs:

  • 300 euro: being ripped off to get towed from the salar
  • 380 euro: rebuilding all the parts that I will need to fix the van (rest of the fixing costs were paid in September)


Starting in Santa Cruz de la Sierra ending in Uyuni. Another month where I was far away from the ocean. My drive on the Salar de Uyuni is not included because these trails are not on Google Maps.


Starting at 450m in Santa Cruz de la Sierra bumping a way up to 4200m near Potosi and finally heading down to 3800m in Uyuni. (Again does not include my drive on the Salar the Uyuni, but that was perfectly flat.)

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