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In April 2016 I started The Trip: an epic road-trip driving from New York City north to Alaska and then all the way south to Argentina.

The trip involved some 50.000 65.000 km of driving through 15 countries. This means loads of stories and even more pictures.

During my trip I’ll be Flinking Around:

  • Neither floating, nor sinking: probably how I’ll feel most of the time
  • Drinking while floating: sounds like an awesome way to spend my time

Enjoy the stories and pictures! Input on where to I should go, not go, eat, drink, hike, swim or meet up is always welcome. Send me an e-mail!

The Secrets of the Desert

We've made it out of Bolivia and my engine is running again. It's six weeks later than I had planned but we made it. The original plan had me and my dad travel for a bit more than a week after finishing the rebuild. Because of all the extra drama we now only have three days before his flight leaves…

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September 2017: Learning to Become a Mechanic

I basically spend the whole month of September in Uyuni getting my van fixed. I only left town three times: I drove out to San Christobal one day thinking the van was fixed, but I had to hurry back quickly because I was using more oil than diesel; I had to spend 8 hours in a bus to get my…

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Drama Llama (or: You Can’t Make This Shit Up)

Guess Who's Back in Town! It's Me and the Broken Van! Quick recap! So in the middle of the Salt Flats in Uyuni (Bolivia) 50 km from any road, 80 km from any town, my engine had decided to die. I managed to get my van from the Salt Flats to a mechanic in Uyuni, but this was only where…

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Up next...
Story writing

Up next: writing stories

So I’m done travelling but I’m not yet done telling the stories. Now it’s writing time! I’ll try to write one or two stories per week to catch up with my last half a year of travelling.


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